So my 6 year old sister told me this story, and I wrote it down word for word…


By; Laura Warner

Once upon a nightmare there was a beautiful hugemongous monster owned by me of course; and now to the beginning of my tale.  One day my monster was doing my chores and suddenly a terrible man came up the lane and snatched my monster and took her away to his layer.  He ran tests on her and gave her bandages, just to be polite, but he treated her like a slave.

      When I finally noticed that she was gone I was terrified.  She was my best friend.  What could have happened?  I speed in to tell my mom.  She was very sad.  We rushed out the door to look around town.  I suddenly stopped in front of a house.  I could hear my monsters voice.  I ran inside.  The hall way was as dark as my monsters mascara.  I heard a door open, I turned my head nothing was there.  I was to scared to walk. Another door opened I turned my head  (teacher stop here and go to the next story then come back to finish the story). (apparently so she wouldn’t get too scared)

     There was Mr. Gosil glaring at me. “What are you doing in my house? he said in a scratchy voice, I gulped (gulp) “sleep walking”, I lied.  “Lire”, he said.  “Get out right now or else”.  I didn’t need telling twice because he was the meanest man on the block. .  I ran out as fast as I could, I raced home.  I jumped in bed feeling so bad for my monster.  I looked at my clock it said 12:00 am.  I thought I will save my monster tomorrow for now-sleep.  That night I had a terrible dream.  It was about my monster.  She was doing Mr. Gosil’s hair, she looked up.  I entered my nightmare.  Her face was no longer sweet and kind but brutal and mean.  She growled and shot a puff of flame.  She didn’t remember me.  What’s wrong my dear Mr. Gosil  Said to my monster no longer in his scratchy voice.  He opened his eyes “get out now “ he said to me in his scratchy voice again.  I work up, my heart was beating very fast.  I realized I was in my bed.  My heart started to slow down just a bit.  I looked  at the clock again it said 7:00 am.   I wasn’t supposed to wake up for an hour, so I just laid in bed wondering where my monster was and if she was happy?  At that very moment my mom came in my room. “How are you feeling” she asked ? Frustrated, I said in a sad voice. She said “let’s go look for your monster.”Ok I said automatically.  As we were passing through the kitchen my dad was reading the news paper “there’s a news article of a slave being sold it looks like your monster.  He said I haven’t seen your monster in a little while.  My mom and I had tried to keep the fact that my monster had been MONSTER NAPPED a secret.  When I heard this news I tore it out of his hands, I zoomed through the article.  The picture was in a familiar room.  Mr. Gosil’s bed room.  It was the exact same room that was in my nightmare.  I speed out the door and went straight to Mr. Gosil’s house, I ran into his home,  I heard voices coming from inside a room.  I peeked around the doorway and I saw my nightmare, at least most of it.  I realized that it was not a dream it was a vision.  When I looked again through the door way at second glance I saw this it was not my monster, it was a robot!

     I sped out the door and home to tell my mom.  It seemed that she know what was happening but I didn’t know what was going on.

     I asked her what was going on and why grandma and grandpa’s car was outside.  She just smiled ignoring me.  I got fed up and stomped up to my room, flopped onto my bed.  At that moment I heard a little giggle from underneath the bed.  I got scarred out of my skin.  My monster jumped on me from under the bed.  She started licking me so much that it looked like I was just coming out of the bath tub.

     I was so glad to see her.  My grandparents were hiding under the bed with her and they did just the same, except for the licking part.

    Evidently the article in the paper was talking about my monster being sold by Mr. Gosil.  I  didn’t know that my grandparents were staying over at my house and they had purchased my monster because they thought that I needed help cleaning my room.  But instead of cleaning she sort of rearranged my room into a pig pen,  but a clean one.  Here’s a description of my room.  There was a mud pit, food trough and a lovely manure pile. My mom thought it was a whole disaster and this is the end of the tale of my monster and we lived messily ever after.


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